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Our approach

The quality of our trainings is based on our wealth of experience, our teaching methods, the selection of our trainers, and our ability to adapt to your needs.



   Military Expertise at Your Service

How can a military mindset be an asset to leaders?

Our staff are serving or former military personnel who have all commanded on operations, many of whom also have significant business experience.
This understanding of two cultures allows experiences to be shared and ensures lessons appropriate to business clients are learned.

The French Army has a high reputation built on wide operational experience in challenging environments, in various types of conflicts all under tight budgetary constraints.

Our relevant expertise:

  • Ability to adapt
  • Situational Intelligence
  • Decision making
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team Building
  • Courage
  • Resilience

These leadership qualities create the conditions for success in any undertaking, military or civilian.
This expertise derives from our military experience, tried and tested in combat situations over many years and now adapted to the business environment.



   Tailor-made packages

What kind of services are offered to business leaders?

Each project is customized in collaboration with our clients and is part of their transformation initiatives.

We help leaders and their managers through three types of activities:

Develop: Participants face team challenges through which they learn about themselves and gain key insights appropriate to their business environment.
Train: Our intensive training programme allows participants to develop in a constructive, non-judgmental learning environment.
Mentor: We can continue to work with the participants and their teams in the development and execution of their action plans. We can also guide through personal coaching where a relationship of trust is established over time.



   Experiential Learning

Why are we different?

Our courses normally lasting between 2 and 5 days are designed for companies, business schools and governmental institutions. Open to all, regardless of fitness levels, we provide:

  • Challenging situations
  • Practical and pragmatic methodology with feedback
  • Mentors with experience in the military and business environments
  • Military decision making processes and tools
  • Debriefing to extract key learning points

Teaching style: We use scenarios that require careful analysis, structured decision making, effective team management using open communication and excellent personal skills.



   Support your professional development

How do we work with you?

You choose the duration, the place and the dates of the training package. The content is then adapted to your needs. We will:

  • Develop leaders able to make decisions and act effectively
  • Inspire your future leaders to grow within your organisation
  • Conducting change, investing in human capital
  • Pedagogical support given to each participant at the end of the training

Made in collaboration with you: Customized / Everything is ready
A unique experience: Military expertise outside your comfort zone
Efficient & cost-effective: Human / Organizational / Financial

On the following axes:
Development of leadership and decision-making
Develop the sense of responsibility of managers
Reinforce organizational agility and resilience
Foster a sense of belonging and a sense of commitment
Develop cooperation and collaboration to boost collective performance: Collective Intelligence
Support change, leading under circumstances of uncertainty, successfully introduce tranformations

The positives:

  • 100% at your location, some of our trainings can be organized on your premises.
  • Following the training, we offer our support to adapt the methods learned at Saint-Cyr Formation Continue to your work environment.



   Exciting and challenging locations

Exceptional locations that open their doors to you:

  • Brittany Saint-Cyr
  • South-west & Mediterranean
  • Savoie Mont-Blanc
  • North & East
  • Paris
  • International

The positives:

  • 100% at your location, some of our trainings can be organized on your premises.
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