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Knowledge of Defence

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No prerequisites are required for this course


- To know the general problems of Defence and the particularities of the armament markets.
- To know the organisation of the French army and the specificity of the military function.
- Understand the particularities of joint combat and the use of military equipment in the field: vehicles, weapons, optics, optronics, transmissions, etc.

Contribute effectively to the development of an armament product by mastering its environment of use.

Interact effectively within an industrial group, for the benefit of the armed forces


From 1.5 to 3 days, depending on the objectives defined

Access time

- Proposal from 15 days after the beneficiary’s request
- Realization from 30 days after the signature of the order form


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Methods used

All of these training courses are based on an alternation of practical situations and conferences on the Defence environment, its functioning and organisation.
Time for discussion with operational military personnel and the management team is favoured and encouraged.

Evaluation methods

Self-evaluation of the achievement of objectives by participants at the end of the training.
When a certification is prepared, an individual evaluation grid is given to the participants.


During our initial contacts, we offer you a meeting to take into account the specificities of your disability and to determine the possible adaptations or arrangements to be put in place to follow your training. If you wish to study the feasibility of your project beforehand, please contact the teaching team at the following address:

Results obtained

Specialities offered

- Land Systems and Operations
- Joint combat
- Armoured combat
- Artillery Combat
- Dismounted Combat
- Support in operations
- Staff work

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